The Wilshaw | Main and 16th | Mixed-use, hotel

Set to transform downtown Speedway, Wilshaw is a mixed-use development anchored by an unannounced hotel. The proposal calls for 10 condos, 150 apartments, a 120-room hotel, and 15,000 square feet of retail space – this adds to a prospering Main St. that in recent years has undergone a slew of redevelopment efforts including the construction of Daredevil Brewery. Notably,… Read More The Wilshaw | Main and 16th | Mixed-use, hotel

16th and New Jersey | Mixed-use

  A preliminary look at an infill project proposed for 16th and New Jersey. In a couple weeks, indYIMBY will be doing an expose, in the vein of our Mass Ave series,  on the revitalization of 16th St. and the push for a “Tinker Street” Cultural District. More details to come.

The Good, the Bad, and NIMBYism pt. 2

The Bad To understand what makes a community project malevolent, we must clarify what makes up the physical creation of a neighborhood. For the most part, Americans as a whole are pursuing narrower agendas and withdrawing from public life into private realms, encountering the world through television, smart phones, and computers. Urban development, a key aspect to… Read More The Good, the Bad, and NIMBYism pt. 2

Mass Ave, continued

The Mass Ave series continues today with insight on the blocks between East and College -one of the most walkable corridors in the city. This particular stretch of Mass has become a vibrant commercial node serving the Chatham Arch neighborhood, the aorta of Indy’s LGBT community, and a considerable contributor to Indy’s local theater scene. Here follows… Read More Mass Ave, continued