2205 Delaware | Fall Creek Place

It’s been a whirlwind past couple of decades for the Fall Creek Place neighborhood, from its reputation as a locale of destitution (and the moniker of Dodge City) to a HUD grant recipient to now, a thriving and beautiful residential neighborhood.

Watching new businesses open and home prices soar, it became comfortable to see the neighborhood as a full-on success in urban revitalization, however, as I was taking a stroll in the neighborhood recently, it became clear the transformation is not yet complete. Despite a resurgence in property values and residential offerings, the commercial node of 22nd is currently devoid of the appropriate commercial activity its residential population would suggest.

Right on cue: a mixed-use addition to the 22nd St. corridor.

2205 Delaware is a newly approved 4 story project along 22nd that offers studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and ground floor commercial. This development will improve the spatial definition of the Delaware/22nd intersection, encouraging a sense of place where there was previously a decrepit empty lot; increased density will assist in establishing walkability and help give the feel of an authentic, urban place. Added density will also make this node more conducive to the viability of transit, especially with the soon-to-be construction of the Red Line.

Of note: the hidden parking in back. By hiding the aesthetically-unappealing parking lot in back, uninterrupted on-street storefronts have full reign to activate the streetscape.

Hopefully, this project will encourage developers to continue to invest in this area and contribute to the full transformation of 22nd into a walkable, vivacious urban corridor.

We will continue to expect big things from the 22nd St corridor in the near future.


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  1. Some years back Axia Urban started doing projects between Talbot and Delaware with residential over commercial and the parking hidden in back. Their most recent is the home of Shoefly.

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