632 MLK | Mixed-use, 4 stories | Approved


632 Martin Luther King Jr. | Studio – 4 bedroom apartments | Indiana Ave District

A wonderful infill for the Indiana Avenue neighborhood, this market-rate mixed-user is raising the bar on downtown rents -units ranging from $1000/studio to more than $2550 for 4 beds.

With an surplus of new residents arriving from the Axis/future Pointe and Collegiate projects, the near-westside neighborhood may begin to feel like an authentic urban place -inflated rents indicative of a healthy demand in the downtown housing market. Granted, there is still the pedestrian-unfriendly Goliath of West St. that separates N. Indiana and campus from the south developments of downtown but there is hope DPW works to put it on a road-diet. Maybe.

Perhaps no other neighborhood in the city is more primed for resurgence than Indiana Avenue with the advantages of a Canal locale, proximity to IUPUI and a rich history anchored by the Walker Theatre. On my short wishlist would be replacing a traffic lane on Indiana with two protected bike lanes and using increased density to transform the avenue into a walkable, vibrant campus village.


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