A Positive Redlining

Contrary to historic Redlining, which was horrible, Indianapolis begins a new chapter this upcoming week with its own Red Line. Poised to be one of the nation’s first all-electric bus rapid transit (BRT for short) lines, the 23 mile route will finally begin construction next week. Let us welcome the inevitable cries of “you took our parking”.

This comes just weeks after the project received $75 million in grant funding from the U.S. DOT. Thank goodness Trump didn’t read that omnibus budget bill, amirite?

South Shelby Street stretching from University of Indianapolis to Fountain Square will welcome the first phase of construction. IndyGo is using the next few days and the upcoming weekend to post signage and restrictions.

About that: IndyGo also states no lane restrictions are expected, a welcome announcement for automobiles but a bit depressing for transit advocates when considering the southern leg of the Red Line will not have a dedicated bus lane.

There is a live construction map, weekly schedules, and more information at the Red Line website.

Construction over the next few weeks will include:

• June 4 through June 15: Shelby St. from Hanna Ave. to Troy Ave. – roadway and sidewalk improvements

• June 11 through June 22: Shelby St. from Troy Ave. to Raymond St. – roadway and sidewalk improvements

• June 18 through July 3: Shelby St. from Raymond St. to Prospect St. – roadway and sidewalk improvements

Below is the tentative timeline for Red Line progress. Consider us very excited for the possibilities BRT will bring for Indianapolis.


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