Stay Tuned…

When INDYIMBY started more than five years ago, it was simply a blog devoted to new development in Indianapolis.

A few things have happened since that time: housing has gotten considerably more expensive while new development centered on a select few neighborhoods leading to displacement of longtime residents and artists in neighborhoods such as Fountain Square and Mass Ave. Meanwhile, a nationwide pro-housing movement was started, focused on the simple principle that by building more supply to meet demand for housing we could deliver shelter for everyone, regardless of demographic, class, or target market. Aptly so, this became known as the YIMBY movement, or the yes-in-my-back-yard movement. Today, this movement comes to Indianapolis in an official way.

This former blog will be transformed in the next several weeks into an organizational site focused on fighting for more housing and less restrictive developmental regulations in central Indiana. Work is currently underway to turn INDYIMBY into an actual 501c4, or social welfare organization. We have already applied for recognition from YIMBY Action, a wonderful national network of advocates helping to build welcoming communities for everyone. A rebranding effort is on its way, with a new site and new mission statement forthcoming. There is much work to be done. But this is where you can help.

In the next month or two, we will be hosting an official call out for members, to help guide the transformation of what was a simple blog into a force for inclusive housing practices in Indianapolis and its metropolitan area. Please stay tuned. And please follow our twitter for continued updates as we keep building momentum.

It takes all to build a city. And we should build housing for all to live in them. Follow us, and stay tuned. Because this is just the start.


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