Chatham Arch/ St. Joseph


Park10 | Condominiums, 3 stories | Under construction

A for-sale condominium and townhome community in the historic Chatham Arch neighborhood and is the most recent new construction project of this scale in the area. This project will contribute nicely to the street wall/density of 10th St.


axis2-464x500 (1)

Fort Wayne Ave Apartments | Mixed-use, 5 stories 

An exciting and much-welcomed addition to the St. Joseph neighborhood! With the advantage of historic rowhouses, a terminated vista (East/Fort Wayne/Central), and one of the most walkable corridors in the city (Alabama from St. Clair to 11th), this near-northside infill is a perfect for one of Indy’s oldest and most urban hoods. Hopefully, a convenience store or public house takes up some of the retail component -this would establish the Alabama corridor as a true urban node.