Mass Ave/Lockerbie




Marott Center Expansion | Mixed-use, 4 stories | Site prep underway

 30,000-square-foot addition to the 109-year-old Marott Center. The addition would front both Mass Ave and Vermont Street but would be listed as 333 N. Delaware St., the address of the surface lot. The addition will feature 7,500 square feet of retail space on the ground level.


Montage on Mass | Mixed-use, 5 stories | Approved

 Delicious infill project on the soon-to-be former site of Fire HQ. The $50 million development will include 236 apartments and 37,000 square feet of retail to the 500 block of Massachusetts, increasing the district’s retail space by about 25 percent.


747 College | Mixed-use, 5 stories | Under construction

Located just north of Milhaus’s Circa Apartments, 747 College will be a boutique living and shopping destination. Right on Mass Ave, the five-story mixed-using building will include 9,000sf of ground floor commercial space, 51 structured parking spaces, and 39 apartments.

Firefighters Credit Union and additional parking lot

A $5 million project is moving the Firefighters Credit Union next to the IFD Museum and union hall located at 748 Massachusetts Ave. As part of the project, the union hall would be expanded 40 feet to allow for more offices. The new building will be constructed on a current parking and a new parking lot constructed across the street. This project allows Montage on Mass to progress.



Lockerbie Lofts | Mixed-use, 4 stories | Under construction

A new $28 million apartment complex located on the northwest corner of North College Avenue and East Michigan Street. The complex has 215 market-rate apartments and 9,000 square feet of retail space, in addition to a 240-space underground parking garage. The retail component begins at the corner of College and Michigan and runs west along Michigan.


 N Park Ave, E North St and Leon | 8 stories | Proposed

Proposed infill in Mass Ave district rising to more than 4-5 stories. If the project is built as proposed, it should add a great deal of density to Lockerbie and an influx of 300-400 residents to the Mass Ave neighborhood, further bolstering the potential of street vibrancy.

500 Park | Flats & Penthouses, 3 stories | Nearing completion

One, two and three bedroom condominium residences (7 flats/ 5 penthouses).This construction offers another contribution to the Michigan St streetwall and adds to Lockerbie’s burgeoning density. Contemporary interiors outfitted with high ceilings and expansive windows deliver an open living concept and inspiring views of the city. Thoughtful details include remote home automation, personal outdoor living space and a securely gated, heated parking garage.