130 E Washington | Wholesale District

Ratio Architects is involved in yet another downtown project, this time a restoration of 130 E Washington St., the former Disciples Center which directly abuts the Cultural Trail near City-County Plaza.

A full face-lift of the façade is intended to activate the street-scape and improve pedestrian interaction -I am assuming Onward Investors LLC, property owner, hopes to partake in the economic benefits other properties have experienced due to CT proximity. Along with an interior retrofit which will expose ceilings and create open floor plans (allowing for natural light), a restoration of the building’s west half windows is meant to recreate historic proportions.

Here is the street-scape now:

Rendering of future street-activating façade:


With its location on the Cultural Trail and the anticipated redevelopment of City-County Plaza, this stretch of Washington St. has potential to become an enticing urban avenue, acting as a conduit feeding pedestrian activity from the Circle to the newly-coined Market East district. Hopefully, the development continues east-ward to the surface-lot-riddled and somewhat decrepit east Washington corridor.


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