Downtown Indy population increased more than 10,000 between 2005 and 2015

This is great news <- LINK

  • Among secondary Midwest markets outside of Detroit and Milwaukee, Indianapolis has the largest downtown population with a little more than 27,000. This number barely edges out Minneapolis.
  • Indianapolis LEADS secondary markets in value of downtown real estate construction by nearly a $200 million margin over Cleveland
  • Indy (30.6%) still lags behind Minneapolis (38.6%), Kansas City (33.3%), and Columbus (33.0%) in percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree or greater but comes in above the national average (28.8%) and outranks regional competitors such as Cincinnati and Louisville, surprising considering the population disparities.


  1. Thanks for the data blurbs. Are there any numbers to back up the statements? Why are we looking “outside of Milwaukee and Detroit”? I would think we would be right about even with or ahead of both of those places. If we could see the numbers, we would know.


    1. Detroit’s downtown population is quite remarkable, considering the general state of things in the city as a whole. Very little is new construction, but the 1960s and early 70s brought about quite a few high-rise towers downtown, a construction mini-boom akin to the Riley Towers development in Indy. I believe Detroit would have a greater downtown population, though of course the downtown is larger too. Then again, these sort of metrics have been incredibly generous in what they consider the boundaries of DT–and, historically, particularly generous for Indy. Lastly, it’s always critical to observe the incarcerated/institutionalized population, which often comprises a significant portion of a downtown.

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