Developmentally Unchallenged: an update on Mass Ave

*This post is first in a series on development progress of the Indianapolis neighborhood.*


Block-By-Block Development Analysis

Massachusetts between New York and Vermont


  1. Pulliam Square – Welcome to Mass Ave: Pulliam Square, the mixed-use phase 1 of an ambitious project attempting to redevelop the former home of the Indianapolis Star. Although the GoogleEarth view is antiquated, it’s easy to envision how important Pulliam Square can prove to be, connecting the burgeoning Mass Ave and the CBD. A component of first-floor retail further diminishes the walkability gap between Monument Mall and the northeast quadrant of downtown with businesses such as The Tap (already open) assisting to create round-the-clock pedestrian activity. “When this project is finished,” said Bob Schultz, vice president of marketing and communications for Downtown Indy, “another 800 to 1,000 people will be living in that area, walking their dogs, talking their children to the park and to day care, eating at restaurants and all of those elements that come with residential living.”
  2. The Eagle – Replacing the long time dive of IndyStar reporters, Front Page, The Eagle is a restaurant/bar opening known for its signature chicken and warm atmosphere. It will be the restaurant’s second location and first outside of Cincinnati. It is expected to open in the first quarter of 2016. (A contemporary wooden outdoor patio is to be built where you see the tables below.)
  3. Louie’s Wine and Dive – Already open, Louie’s calls itself a relaxed, urban full-bar eatery with most wines between $6 and $9 a glass. Louie's Wine Dive opened May 27, 2015, at 345 Mass
  4. Marott Center Expansion – The 109-year-old Marott Center is planning a 30,000 sq ft. addition that would infill the labeled lot seen above. The addition would front both Mass Ave and Vermont Street but would be listed as 333 N. Delaware St., the address of the surface lot. The addition will feature 7,500 square feet of retail space on the ground level. Of particular note in the approved design is the elimination of the car-catering curb cut on the northwest corner of Michigan and Mass. Site prep is underway.INDIANAPOLIS HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSIONB9318500731Z.1_20150903173412_000_G8DBMLO76.1-0
  5. Vonnegut Parking Lot – For now, a parking lot on a prime urban intersection. But what will it be in five years? Overlooked by the famous 40-foot Vonnegut, the lot was recently purchased by a developer that has not stated their intention. it would stand to reason the land is a prime candidate for infill given the vibrancy of the “Dancing Lady” intersection, however, it’d be a shame to see Mr. Vonnegut completely overshadowed. So long Kurt?

Coming tomorrow: a quick look at the activity on the block of Mass Ave between Vermont and Michigan.

As always, feel free to add any updates/photos you have or comment below!


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